Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chris Cape - Major Tom (video)

Hear The Track Here

Ok, so right off the bat, don't go looking at me like that. I might well be the human equivalent of Dumbo, but even those with stupendous fly batters (a la said Dumbo) need a break from the constant clatter of life. At least that's my story and that's the reason why this is a review of a video - albeit with music in it of course otherwise that would be me out of a job right there. (Ed: A job?? This is a job??? Ha I think not young sir!) I have come across some good music through You Boob (damn those misprints) so don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Quite why you would want to get so close to a horse is something between your God and yourself obviously. Now, where was I?

Aaah yes, eye candy.

Got to love this modern age where just about anybody can make a decent video on next to nothing but, lets face it, all that eye candy can get a bit much especially if the music isn't right up to the mark. I have to assume that this Major Tom is an affectionate nod to David Bowie's first real hit Space Oddity, but it's nothing like the Bowie track - and I mean that in a good way. I've watched endless videos on the Boob and when you come across a good one, it is worth bringing to your attention and - believe me - Chris Cape is a breath of fresh air (and it's hip hop!). I have, as you know, a liking for the genre but certainly not for the lifeless, soulless commercial variety. Major Tom is so full of energy it may burst a blood vessel, but hey, that's show business right?

I personally like the 'use whatever is available' approach and the Major Tom video is a classic case of that, from flatboard, stop-start animation, to getting all his mates around for a laugh and filming the whole thing. At this point you may be thinking that we are talking another amateur hour here, but you know me, it's got be to professional and it's got to rock the ******* house. All of which Major Tom (the music) does with great style and drive. Truth is, I added it to my own You Tube station and that's pretty small and select... If the music is rocket fueled (and it is) then the sheer life, energy and exhuberance of the Cape Crusaders (nice boys and girls all) make this both a visual and aural feast and I'm chomping down like it's Christmas again.

POW!!! High energy hip hop. MUST WATCH.

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