Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karma Police (UK) - Experiment 5

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Mmmm, seems like I have reviewed more Neil Anderson (aka Karma Police (UK)) tracks than I thought. By my count, I have reviewed over half a dozen, including one in his own name - Guiding Light (September 2010). So, what did I gain from this exercise? Well, the first few tracks were, to be fair, getting on a bit. None of them dated any earlier than 2004, good stuff for sure, but dated. Several new songs have come up too but not, unfortunately made me sit and pay attention and that probably has more to do with stylistic differences as opposed to anything wrong technically, other than a sometimes bland sound.

And this experiment, Dr KP??

I am, as you well know, not exactly partisan when it comes to musical taste, anything goes you know? Doesn't change me still being human though and having my own tastes and as much as it pains me to admit it (Ed: it doesn't, he's fibbing) I don't do mellow. Electronic : Mellow is a particular bane in my life because, so far, very little that I find distinctive and different has emerged from it. Mind you, I am a self-acclaimed philistine when it comes to music of this sort so what would I know anyway? Well, I know that - once again - Neil has successfully skated over some very, very thin ice.

What saves Experiment 5 (Ed: what happened to the others??) is it's inner centre of darkness, which pervades the track - basically an electronic chill out - and gives it a tension that is noticeable. From the Hammer Horror intro to the string driven outro this track feels desolate, yearning and I am not sure if that is the impression one should be getting (can't believe I just said one) If you like a decent electronica tune then this for sure will send a sizzle down your spine, or if you like a bit of relaxing music for that odd moment that makes sense, Experiment 5 awaits.

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