Monday, January 24, 2011

Reflexion X - When World Comes To End

Hear The Track Here

Only the most facile among us can be unaware of the furore surrounding the imminent arrival of 2012, and not just because the Olympics are to held in London either. I'm sorry but I just don't subscribe to the generally held belief that somehow 2012 is going to prove to be the year of the Big One. In my life, going by the scheme of these things, I have been exterminated by a vengeful God many, many times. More to the point, so what if 2012 does spell the year humanity was wiped off the face of the planet would that be such a bad thing? That would put the row over bankers bonuses in the right perspective maybe. See, whether or not any of the dire predictions happens there is nothing you or I could do to avoid it. I think having lived under a nuclear threat for most of my early childhood I learned early on to live each moment for itself.

And what, pray tell, does all this have to do with Reflexion X? Not much as it happens because for all the doom-mongering I am fostering above, Heikki Roots (yep, the man behind the X), as always delivers a sterling track that is uplifting musically and lyrically, even when delivered in his usual accent. There was a period where so called 'euro' music went through a cheesy patch, but I have always found Heikki's music very euro-flavoured but still very likable for all that. He's always been a dab hand at the ol' electronica along with the social commentary, as his finest track IMHO shows. If the end of civilization isn't a big enough topic for you, you really should get a listen to God Vs Satan (June 2010) which incidentally was one of my Tracks Of The Year 2010.

Regardless of how you might feel about his musical feel there is no denying that a) he knows how to write a good, catchy song and b) knows how to orchestrate and produce it to a fine finish. In other words, everything you might want from something as ephemeral as music. Although it's billed on Soundclick as Drums and Bass, there is only a section that is truly DnB, while the rest of it is actually electro-pop, in the fine old tradition. While Reflexion X won't be to everyone's taste, I must admit that I have developed a taste for his style and When World Comes To End is a class example of it. Moreover, his accent becomes more charming the more I hear it, and I guess that's a first eh?

MUST HAVE electro-pop/DnB blend. Very neat.

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