Monday, January 24, 2011

Moral Factor - Old Dirty White Shoes

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Men are the strangest things - ask any woman. She'll tell you that they get insane attachments to certain garments of clothing that, once put on, should be left to rot on the body. Change?? Not in your lifetime dear. Obviously German Gabriel Gorchs (aka Moral Factor) is one such strange man because, as he tearfully explains between sobs, 'my mother burned my old shoes that I loved'. See? They just don't understand it. Their instinct is to burn, keep clean and hold back the night, mans instinct is to lay low and if that isn't sufficient to trot out the usual obligatory 'yes dear/mother/auntie/sister/social worker/prison guard' So, having established that German suffered severe footwear abuse at the hands of his Momma (a female I would point out) (Ed: oh good grief not again), lets get on with this sordid tale.

Fourth track down for Moral Factor and during that short space, he has shown a wide breadth of music taste and expertise as shown by his inclusion into my Tracks of the Year 2010 section of the Stevies with his Apagando la tele. All in all, not bad going. So, what kind of sound does a pair of smelly, dirty white shoes make while burning to a crisp? I dunno either so lets press this li'l ol' button and.... OK, so now he turned into a folk rocker, and he doesn't do too bad a job of that either although you'd probably have to like the genre to really appreciate it.

On the whole though, I found myself liking this more and more as I played it. It has an easy way about it that is helped immensely by the simple, effective instrumentation and arrangement which - it has to be said - are becoming a hallmark of this musicians work. While I may differ from time to time with him, it's only been about style never substance. In fact in the four tracks I have heard he has shown that he is a competent, talented musician with much to offer and if you don't believe me, this track will show you the error of your ways (and if it doesn't, you can **** off or I'll set German's Momma on you).

Excellent folk rock sob story. Highly Recommended.

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