Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jon Solo - Circles

Hear The Track Here

There aren't that many people around these days who actually remember when Soundclick was hopping (2003-2005) so it was nice to see Jon Solo popping up in the forums this week nattering about how good it was - and it was. A lot of the names you have been familiar with over the years - especially from these reviews - had their start around this time and although they may seem like part of the scenery, they are still relatively new in the scheme of things. One of the main engines that propelled that surge was the Electronica forum which - during those years - featured some amazingly talented musicians including, as it happens, Jon Solo. Jon seems to straddle every genre known to man, so that's a plus point for me right there.

But can he walk the walk??

Point of fact is that Jon Solo has been a member of Soundclick since 2001 so you would imagine he's learned a lot in that time, but I suspect he was active long before he came onto the site. Such proof as is needed for that claim is definitely found in Circles but before we get to that, let me finish. Experience counts, sad but oh so true. Crafting great songs (of any genre) takes endless time, devotion and patience. Crafting great pop songs is an art far harder than any other genre. For example, if you can write a song the (let's say) evokes musical periods of the listeners life, then you are halfway there. If you can then make it echo (in no particular order) Klaatu, The Carpenters, The Beatles and even ELO in their prime then it's a given it's going to hook you in.

Bold claims, I know, but you know me, I wouldn't say it if I wasn't absolutely convinced. In fact, Circles is a masterclass of pop song artistry and although it tops out at just over five minutes not a second or a note is wasted. That, my friends, is how to do it right and if you need further convincing put on the track right now.... Hear that amazing stereo picture, wait for the vocals now, awesome stuff. The backing harmonies are an absolute treat for the ears and when it all comes together in the chorus the charge is stupidly good, the kind of stuff that plasters a grin on my face. Think ELO with bells and whistles and what a way to start a new year!! Circles is a track from 2008 btw, and Jon is promising new stuff so get ready for something real special.

MUST HAVE masterclass in pop.

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