Friday, January 21, 2011

Jane G33 - Things I Say

Hear The Track Here

You may remember us encountering female emcee/rapper Jane Do3 when I reviewed Babel Remix Feat Daddy Go Go (September 2010) which was a pretty good stab at old school rap, although I did prefer - on balance - her older mixtapes. Since then, although we've seen Daddy Go Go, Jane has remained elusive until she reappears here with a new name (kinda/sorta). She still Jane, you still not Tarzan. God knows what all these numbers signify, not being an expert in leet speak, but hey, what's in a name anyway? So long as the joint is rocking innit? Aahhh, but there lies the hip hop rub, a lot of of it just doesn't rock, in any form - must be all those treacly lyrics. On the other hand, I do have a soft spot for old school, hip hop as it should be.

Although Jane is the named artist on the track, it is a track (debut even) from her group Pick One, and yeah, they actually do sound like a group and a pretty good one too. I'm sure there will be those who automatically turn up their noses at the very mention of rap but used properly and purposefully, it can be a stunning communication tool. As far as I can tell, Ackurate is the male rapper featured on the track, the music and beats coming from the intriguingly named Sindustry. Can't say I have heard of either of them before but hey hip hop is a big scary place and I'm a yellow bok-bok chicken, I just take what I am given.

Where a lot of unsigned hip hop falls down in either in marrying the musical style with the rap or finding music that is decent enough in it's own right. Now although the musical backing for Things I Say isn't likely to set the world aflame, it does a more than competent job of holding up its end. For my money, the whole track could have done with being mastered a tad heavier because it felt kind of lightweight in parts. Nonetheless everybody involved should feel proud to have made a piece of hip of that is at least true to the original spirit of the thing.

Recommended hip hop.

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