Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bright Midnight - La Minuit LP

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Considering that I have already reviewed eight of the ten tracks on Bright Midnight's La Minuit LP, is it really worthwhile to go over it again. Welp, Hillis Emanuelson says that everything has undergone some further processing AND there are still two new tracks to assimilate so hey, why not? Hotel Saigon actually managed to snag a Track Of The Year 2010 from me, so there is even more need to listen. After all, a track of the year surely can't be bettered could it? Buggered maybe, but bettered say nada. I can't say I was overly impressed with The Fringe (track one) when I reviewed it (June 2010) and it only managed to make a Recommended from me and I must admit this version does sound tidier and more to the point.

Now watch the guy come here and tell me they haven't done anything with this one :)

OK so track one bodes well, on, on. White Shoes (December 2010) is exactly the track I reviewed but considering it was only last month, lets pass on. There is a strong Joy Division vibe so far but that is blown apart by Hotel Saigon (September 2010) which to my ears has suffered quite dramatically in this new mix, unless the rendering isn't quite right. Shame. Infant Days is the first new track to me, and on the limited listening I have done with it, is - to my ears anyway - good enough but a bit of a filler. Hand Me Down (August 2010) sounds like exactly the same track, although it may sound a little cleaner than it did previously. So, halfway, and what do we have. Actually, if you like Bright Midnight's style (and I do, although I always want better from them) then I'm sure you will want your own copy of this album.

There is no doubt that, although derivative, Bright Midnight have an identifiable sound and style - mostly rock oriented, with the occasional nod towards Joy Division/New Order and it often works. Overboard (October 2010) hasn't been through the remix/remaster stage yet I don't think, and that was the one comment I made in the review, the song was good, but the mix/production kinda blurred the point. Floating Feather (Vault Edition) is an extended version of Floating Feather (Blue Day & Age) (November 2009) which I did like and - in their own way - Bright Midnight have definitely updated it well. Count Me Sold (July 2010) sounds very much better, and it was pretty good to start with, my complaint about it was that it was a bit sloppy and seems corrected now. Out of the last two tracks, Skinny Girl (November 2010) and La Minuit (May 2010), only Skinny Girl seems to have had a makeover and again it makes an reasonable song much, much better. IMO, Skinny Girl is probably the best track on there right now. Nonetheless, if you do like this Texan band, there is a lot to get into here so go....feast....

Highly Recommended labour of love.

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