Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - Transparency

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It wasn't until Fear 2 Stop introduced me to it that I became aware of the Indietronic genre and - for what its worth - the name fits them like a glove. Although they have billed for most of their existence as experimental electronica, it's always felt a bit more than that. They had a reasonably quiet 2010, only releasing a few tracks, which considering the previous deluges, came just in time for me to be swamped by a million other musicians. Still, I've always liked Fear 2 Stop's rigid adherence to their own musical style - like it or not - and it has marked them out over the years as being truly different. However, because of that area they work in, the tracks are not exactly listener friendly although they have got a lot better at that the past couple of years.

Earache could still be a problem though, if you are not used to it...

Fear 2 Stop are probably the most linear (organic even) band I ever came across and Transparency shows that side of them gets stronger with each release, especially since they have been working together again after a break. Obviously I have to stress that Fear 2 Stop is definitely not everyone's cup of tea and you could be one of those agreeing with that statement. However, I do know that this trio have a small and very dedicated following through Soundclick and rightly so because, if you do manage to 'get' them, it's a sure bet you will remain so.

It took me a while, admittedly, to warm to them and it was only the band's sheer insistence that finally won me over, but since I have developed an ear for their particular style I must admit to being charmed by their tracks more often than not. As I have mentioned a time or two before, it is good to see the three of them working together again and if Transparency is to be any indication, they may be gearing up for a more substantial year this year. One can only hope so.

Highly Recommended Indietronic.

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