Sunday, January 23, 2011

PLB (Oakland) - Facebook, The Bullsh**

Hear The Track Here

Now if the PLB and the location are ringing serious 10 alarm fires in your head, you will know what is coming and are probably heading for the hills as we speak. As for the rest of you, let me explain that the Bay Area in general and Oakland in particular have become associated with one Soundclick musician, and all because of his music. Well, I use that term loosely because the PLB in question stands for Patrick Lew Band and now you know that there is no escape from him, we might as well deal with the track. This is a guy who has gone through endless changes of name and style, and - in many ways - the same applies to his music. Either one day everything will click for this guy, or he'll just explode with frustration...

...or we will.

Patrick and I have long had a marked discussion about what, or what does not make music. Nothing I say, or any other reviewer for that matter, can make Patrick respond except in the only way he knows how - by making yet another track for us to savage. Sidestepping the thorny question of why he keeps doing this to himself, I can only sit and be patient while Patrick find his muse. The really funny thing is that I think he just night - although it may take a while.

Facebook, The Bullsh** (oooh wonder what that is?) is pretty standard Patrick Lew fayre, drums and guitar seem to go to obscene lengths to ignore each other, and in the vocals both pitch and timing, let alone poor old phrasing, are left back at home. While there are many people who would denounce Patrick for making such demos let me just point out one thing. When a musician is trying to find his or her way. the transitory period is often painful, and yes even as painful on the ears as this. Nonetheless, look underneath all that sturm and drang and you know what I see? The bare bones of something. Not sure what, and I'm certain Patrick has no idea either, but there is something growing here..

Use at your own risk.

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