Friday, January 21, 2011

Dave Meredith - Your Whispers

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Like real life, there are few people on the internet that I can honestly say I knew them back when but one such person is Dave Meredith. I think I've known this guy for the best part of eight years musically, and let me tell you that is a LOT of music to cover. The first actual review I still retain is Money Talks/When It Ends/Y Niggaz Front (June 2003) although I'm certain I spent most of 2002 reviewing him in various guises, in the case of the previous three tracks going under the name Worlds Apart. He was also a long time collaborator with the much missed Slippy T who is somewhere out there in real life. Sigh. Anyway, you lot may well know him simply as Mezzer.

Aaaahh, THAT guy!!!

Joining in Your Whispers is fellow Mixposure-ist and numbah ******* one guitar player Joseph Rodriguez who I have brought to your attention a time or two before, mainly over at the old MP3 Unsigned site. The real surprise here is so present in the music, it took me several plays before I could concentrate on what was happening. Annette Scott has a voice to die for, rich, vibrant, soaring, you could easily run out of words... OK, I already 'fessed up to a marked liking for female vocalists, but come on, when they are good, nothing like it on the planet Guv'nr. Annette Scott is one of those and believe me she really had to hold her own against the music.

Dave has always been a tasty songwriter even way back there at the beginning, and time and experience has only honed and sharpened that, resulting in beautifully constructed, artfully recorded and mixed songs that just scream radio play. Dave has just re-appeared over at Mixposure I believe but by the looks of it, the site has already taken him to its bosom and so they should, radio is where an artist like this truly belongs. For those people used to Joseph's more rocky, passionate side, his acoustic contributions here (I presume it is him) are exactly the right touch and fit the song like a glove. What will get you though is the combination of that voice and the song, shivers down the spine time....

MUST HAVE power ballad (and I mean that)

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