Tuesday, January 18, 2011

333maxwell - All Gonna Fall

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As a musician, 333maxwell clangs between genres as if his life depended on it, which makes it nigh on impossible to pin him down and give him the 'Oi you, stop!' conversation because I really, really need to. But then, what would I eat between snacks?? Fact of the matter is that a steady diet of maxwellian proportions is very very good for you, especially if you like the main genres he peddles his wares in, those being pre/post war jazz and/or easy listening, and a decided Beatles tinge where he can't seem to make up his mind whether he's Paul or George. What is certain is that he isn't Ringo, but who knows, I might have sparked a feeble glow in that musical madhouse of a mind and I can look forward to it in next months bumper edition.

He can do that you know. S-c-a-r-y...

There was this incredibly schmaltzy side of the Beatles. Despite them being a great rock band whose credentials are impeccable, they actually came out of a tradition where musicians were entertainers into the bargain. Had to please the punters ya know, and it's well known they like a bit of sugar with their schmaltz. In many ways, this track could have come from Paul MacCartney but the vocal treatment is much more George Harrison whose vocal talents I grew to appreciate more and more after the Beatles. With all this kind of talk, is this then a mere copy of a once great art? I should bloody think not. This is, after all, Chas Holman in the house and while the comparisons are easy, the way in which he pieces it all together to make it so ******* authentic is enough to make a sane man vomit.

The hallmark of pretty much everything I have ever heard from this musician is his meticulous, highly detailed approach. You may be put off by the cheesiness, but you can't fail to notice just how good it all is. So, hand on heart, while I wouldn't go hunting this down of a cold evening (definitely not my style) I still have to bow to the master at work. For a while there I thought he was just trying to tick me off when he threw material like this at me but I've come to realise that it's a facet of his style that has great merit. As I've stated a million times, I prefer the jazz tip than the smoothychops, and this track reeks of smooth, easy, put-up-your-feet-up-and-take-a-load-off lounge stylee.

So smooth you could slip and fall on it. Highly Recommended soft rock.

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