Friday, October 09, 2009

Wake Of Destruction - The Space Explorer

Hear The Track Here

For those people fortunate enough to catch up with Wake Of Destruction when he first ended up on Soundclick only a few short months ago, this track will be surprisingly welcome. Out of the five tracks currently on his page, I've reviewed three of them, two of which gained Must Haves from me - This Is A War (August 2009) and Want Vs Need (September 2009). Now I'm a sucker for electro-pop anyway, but when you ally that to a very sharp sense of what songwriting is all about, it's a shoo-in with most people. That whole 1980's electronica sound has a whole new area to explore these days and is - thank God - replicated with great skill by artists such as Wake Of Destruction. The real clincher though, in every single case, the vocal talent that Omar Chavez (aka WOD) brings to bear.

I could write reams and reams about his musical and production skills but ultimately it's in his songwriting and vocals that make this artist special for me. Mind you, OMD, The Thompson Twins and Howard Jones can be spotted lurking between the lines on this truly excellently put together track. See, here's the thing. I've always fondly imagined that having the means of production in our own hands would give musicians the ability to think much more outside the box about what was acceptable aurally. Its amazing how many online musicians stick to the tried and true, paint-by-numbers production sound rather than experiment with the technology we have been blessed with. I mean, have you heard just how good virtual effects are these days?

Wake Of Destruction, much to his eternal credit, understands this and indeed puts almost as much effort into his production as he does to its content. The proof of that is in the work he has done at treating the vocal, which twists and turns in the electronic stew beneath it, getting sliced, diced and shot every which fekkin way. A lovely job. It's worth catching the video of this too (it's on You Tube and on his SC homepage) and it isn't often that I get to praise a video and it's not just because of the almost naked dancing lady in it either. It's one of those video that makes sense to the music that's being played and that, to my mind, is a rare thing. No doubt about it, Wake Of Destruction is a class act.

MUST HAVE pop rock and MUST WATCH video.

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