Friday, October 23, 2009

Superbron - All The Rivers Flow Into The Sea

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I met Dutch musician Superbron back in 2007 and for the first few tracks, we definitely were not seeing eye to eye. When I reviewed the original All The Rivers Flow Into The Sea (January 2008) I was even more lack lustre than normal. In my usual forthright manner I said that the track had 'weak arrangements, staid and comfortable sounds and - it has to be said - a certain degree of inconsistency in performance'. The really strange thing is that Superbron had all the angles; he knew what he was about musically as his tracks do show but somehow when you put it all together it just didn't gel - at least for me.

He re-appeared earlier this year with Time Traveller (April 2009) a very decent guitar instrumental 'somewhere between Pink Floyd and Santana' which showed definite signs of improvement. So what has changed on this track? Obviously it's a remake (Superbron calls it a reshuffle) so let's treat it as brand new. Heavily styled on the European idea of what pop means. this version proves to be a very good listen indeed - even for someone who really doesn't like progressive rock - especially the long kind. In that respect, this version has shed none of the six minutes of life the original had, which I pissed and moaned about at the time.

Something that long got to be interesting.

That is assuredly where this version scores over the original, there's enough to keep you interested and listening and even want more when it does end. Superbron seems to have solved the major problem of the original too. The whole flow of the track is much, much better, helped by a very respectable production and mix. I found myself wanting to hear other vocals in the chorus (which btw is very effective anyway) but taken as it is this is a splendid piece of Europop. Takes a few plays for it to really grow on you, it is a long piece to take in, but when it does it shows that Superbron's faith in his track is well founded.

Excellent Europop/prog rock thingie. Highly Recommended.

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