Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ashique M Fahim - Firestarter Demo

Hear The Track Here

S'funny I could have sworn I had reviewed this musician before but no, apparently not. This keeps happening to me because I know I recognise the name, and it can't simply be from seeing it on Soundclick's forums. Sheesh. Have you been on You Tube lately? Place is getting packed with guitarists. Not ordinary chunka-chunka guitarists mind, but close encounters of the shredding kind. Seems to me there has been a marked upsurge in interest in this extra-ordinary way of playing the guitar, I blame John McLaughlin myself but rock history is full of shredders of one kind or another. Can't see the point in it myself, unless you were just showing other people how to do it, and I'm a guitarist mind. I would be interested in it, but would your average Joe or Joess?

I think not, clot.

So when I saw the video of Ash's page, my spirits plummeted because, to be frank, shredders alone - without the band backing and all - bore the pants off me. Absolutely different story when you've got the whole ensemble going wanga-wanga behind the guitar pyrotechnics, makes a lot more sense that way. Certainly Firestarter Demo shows only to well that Ashique Fahim is an ace shredder in the time honoured fashion; notes spraying like fountains out of the hard rock underpinning that will - no doubt - have other shredders with open mouths and pinned back ears. But is that enough?

Guitar instrumentals are, let's face it, ten a penny. Almost every second or third track you click on these days is some kind of guitar instrumental and there are very few who come up to the bat knowing that solid music is the backbone of such guitar ego-stroking. Thankfully this musician realises that and does provide a competent, if basic, accompaniment with the usual big drums and massive power chords. I know there is a vast army out there who do like shredders (bet they are predominantly male though) and they will like what this Bangladesh (yep, really) guitarist has to offer.

Recommended Shred-fest at least.


Ashique M. Fahim said...

Thank you Steve for the review. Apart from not being interested in the Shred genre, would you say that the whole song/guitar playing/ package pays at least somewhat of a justice to the title 'FIRESTARTER'? This is not to defend myself, but when I wanted to write a song that, IMO, some what captures the essence of a big, wild, all-consuming fire, I came up with that song. Contrary to what may the song portray, it really wasn't an effort to show what circus i can perform on the guitar. I am just wondering when Korsakov wrote Flight of the bumblebee, did he really have a lot of room to be emotional, expressive and melodic?

I have only my guitar to paint all the thousand shades of colors that I want to :)...and not all of them are beautiful...


Steve Gilmore said...

I'd say Yes Ash, it does live up to the Firestarter name.

Ashique M. Fahim said...

Thanks Steve. Hope you will like my next one, Mornings With You better. Will drop it in the November thread.

Take Care, man.