Saturday, October 17, 2009

Avalanche - Trust The Quiet Voice

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Sheer serendipity that this track was back to back with the Farrell Jackson/Gary Hart collab, because they share a lot of ground with Avalanche. Moreover, as time went on and I kept hearing them as a matched pair, Gypsy Princess became the perfect introduction to Avalanche's very hot-off-the press new song, Trust The Quiet Voice. It's an indication of the band popularity that the track has already become a number one in Soundclick's Rock charts. Meh, you say, the charts don't make any difference anyway. Well, maybe, maybe not but when you are number one out of 187,078 others, it would give you a nice satisfied buzz. If anyone has worked for that online popularity Avalanche have and are reaping the rewards of that hard work. After all, YOU wouldn't turn your nose up to a number one would you?

I thought not.

Recorded by the band, mixed by Mike Foster and mastered by David Pendragon, this is THE track I've been looking forward to ever since I heard they had hooked up. It doesn't disappoint either, and in some ways surpasses what I had imagined this combination to sound like. I can see that extra sheen David has brought to this but the real work was done by the band itself in structuring and performing this classic Avalanche track (if you know what I mean). Now that I have spent some time being immersed in their style, I think I would recognise that two gunslinger guitar approach on sight and Mike Foster's vocals are, without doubt, one of Avalanche's major strengths but, like all good things, this is made up of many parts.

For sure, it wouldn't work without the solid work by Barry Easton and Michael Corsini on drums and bass respectively, but it's the sparkle of their two frontmen that catches the attention. Like all of Mike Fosters songs, this has a political message, and one I heartily ascribe to having listened to my own quiet voice for years. More to the point, Trust The Quiet Voice is a great song, one Avalanche fans will instantly recognise. For my money, the guitar work on this track is a shade above most classic rock bands and they use the two guitar approach to devastating effect. The kind of tightness that makes this kind of rock special indeed.

Highly professional classic rock. MUST HAVE for fans and rockhounds alike.

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