Monday, October 19, 2009

Platypus Egg - Big Bad Evil Serpent Man

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Because of the uniqueness of the bandname, you may remember me reviewing Bambola Vivente (September 2009) and an even earlier encounter when these musicians were called Unlimited Pineapple Club so obviously wacky names run in the family. Nonetheless, nothing wacky about the music whatsoever, in fact Bambola Vivente fair blew me away. A terrific piece of World music, kinda/sorta polka or a derivative, but one that was impossible to sit still to. As far I can gather Platypus Egg seem to be a four piece group and the sound they come out with is definitely pretty different featuring violins, accordions and the like.

Considering that the band appear to be based in America, the music they make is surprisingly European - even in the faux rap section of this track. My confusion about them come from the myriad influences they seem to have sucked up along the way. Although Big Bad etc is billed as Avant Rock (wtf IS that anyway?), it manages to run through just about every genre known to man in its six minutes of playing time. I think if prog-rock had been allowed to grow up like most other genres, this is how it would sound - and it would be a massive improvement on the big hair brigade.

What this track shows, above all else, is what good musicians these people are. Pulling off a trick like Bambola Vivente once is hard enough, being able to keep up that kind of quality is almost ground-breaking. I feel a warm glow remembering that I predicted big things for Unlimited Pineapple Club and Platypus Egg surpass that with ease. I know I have a massive bias towards world music but I also have an equally massive hatred for all things prog-rock and this track manages to straddle both stools, and does it beautifully into the bargain. Moreover, this is a terrific song, sung with vocals reminiscent of the B-52's in their prime.

Highly Recommended musical blend.

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