Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Midas Touch - Los Angeles

Hear The Track Here

Although I've reviewed a fair amount of Nick Laroche's work - as Laroche surprisingly enough - I've only reviewed on other Midas Touch track. Midas Touch being his current alter ego. So, glad we got that out of the way. Motown Showdown (June 2009) was the other track and what a beauty it was too. A very clever blend of hip hop and rock that scored a well deserved Must Have from me at the time and a track I still play when I am in the right mood; a dancing, cavorting one. When I saw this track pop up in the request list I'll admit to feeling some anticipation because Motown Showdown was so good.

Los Angeles - the track not the city, I couldn't fit it on the page - shows that a lot of the style Motown Showdown had was because of that blend of hip hop and rock. I doesn't transfer much to this fairly standard working of yer typical smooch track, and I hang my head with shame because this is not a style of hip hop that sits well with me. Nonetheless, The Midas Touch make a surprisingly good go of it and - should I be a person looking for beats to rap over - this track certainly deserves a look see.

A couple of point that strike me while summing up what I thought. Some of the sounds used were (maybe intentionally) a bit hokey, ya know what I mean? In particular, the trumpet and/horn sound used on this track. For sure, it does the job required and conveys a certain Latin sound, as it should, it sounds like a 'factory' sound; the kind of things that dotted disco tracks of the 70's and '80's. As I say, maybe this is intentional and in now way detracts from the overall effect. Los Angeles is a pleasant hip hop saunter through the colour and light of the worlds most famous madhouse.

Recommended slow hip hop.

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