Tuesday, October 20, 2009

District Verdant - Easily Charmed Man

Hear The Track Here

A brand new name to me this time, District Verdant are on Mixposure and only have one track on there, this one. Billed as Alternative rock and that's as much information as I was able to glean and - believe me - I am REAL good at ferreting out useless information. What I hear certainly sounds like a band but, as you know, that is par for the course especially on a guitar heavy site like Mixposure. So, rock it is then, but of what stripe exactly? Well, I contend that there is a marked difference between the way that Americans play rock, and their UK and European counterparts. For my money, there is a lot more musical flash and glitz in the American variety as Easily Charmed Man shows than the riff-rock/power chords of the UK and Europe. However, and thank the many Gods of music for this, the vocals are not typically American - not the kind of screech that only dogs can hear.

Yes, and groupies too, I assume.

In feel for sure, Easily Charmed Man fits into the Alternative pantheon being a heady mix of REM and U2 in equal doses, but that changes when the vocal appears. Suddenly it becomes very English, and that's probably more because of the vocal than anything. It's a shame that Mixposure doesn't seem to carry anywhere to post lyrics because I sure could have done with reading these. Even through repeated plays this has been a difficult one to decipher lyrically but the song and the music behind it are mighty fine and definitely carry the day. Provided, of course that you actually like this kind of music.

Personally I don't particularly like either U2 or REM but I can see their worth and I can hear their echoes in this track and it doesn't disturb me overly much. Part of that has to be down to the excellent job District Verdant has done with the arrangement, production and mix which is as good as anything that is out there - and certainly in this field. Funnily enough, the track is actually going under the subtitle of Demo 2009 which made me smile a bit. District, my large buddy, you have no idea just how 'demo-like' some musicians give me as finished masterpieces can sound. This, on the other hand, is very professional and show that District Verdant has much to offer the discerning Alternative rock fan..

Well presented Alternative track. Recommended.

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