Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fear 2 Stop - Ridin'

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And now, as the old saying has it, for something completely different. If you are one of the clued in types you, like me, will have taken a deep breath upon spotting this Houston TX based experimental electronica trio, knowing damn well that you will need it. See, Fear 2 Stop are not here to make life simple, spinning lightweight aural cobwebs for the rest of us to guzzle on. Nope, trying to swallow a Fear 2 Stop concoction takes considerable mastery of the art of opaque and even then it would be wise not to lay any bets on the outcome. There again, nothing new, you say. I agree I say that every time I review one of their tracks but even you - wizened, jaded, aurally bloated you - must agree that it's absolutely vital to say it otherwise people will think I am completely loony. (Ed: Bong! You got mail! lol) Suffice to say that Fear 2 Stop tread some very, very obscure waters and not always to their advantage but God bless them for trying.

Ridin' is a slice of Indietronic captured by Fear 2 Stop mainman Billy Castillo, stands to reason then that it's going to sound like a F2S track, which means their kinda odd, but unique, blend of analog and digital. Again, having had long, long exposure to this band, some things jump out at me whenever I hear this track. How much, for example, Billy has learned about drums in general and rhythmic patterns in particular. Much more to the point, somewhere along the way he has learned the value of restraint and it's these qualities that single this track out for me.

It is, as you would suspect, a driving, relentless track, but with that edgy wtf aural whatsnames that has long been a trademark dotting the scenery every which way. Although it still has that 'what is this?' instinctual reaction - even for someone like me - continued plays do pay off, as is usual with Fear 2 Stop tracks. Yes, its a pure instrumental and yes the electronica is kinda wild and yes it's over four minutes long but, believe me you won't notice it once you give the track headspace. For me, as a long time fan, this is an excellent piece of what makes Fear 2 Stop who they are.

Straightforward, insistent Indietronic. Highly Recommended.

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