Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ked Records - Artist Overview

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I may not look it, but I'm a very sociable guy. Not exactly the life and soul of the party (I am English after all) but I do like to hang with the crew (whatever that might mean). One of the best ways of getting known on the internet has always been an ability to hang out; on forums, websites and chatrooms. I started out on Usenet and learned real fast. These days I tend to hang out in the usual websites and - of course - the obligatory Saturday Night Rocks excursion with Mike-K. This has been my weekly hangout for years and where I first rubbed shoulders with Ked Dieter. Well, I say rub shoulders but that wouldn't be possible seeing as I only come up to this ankles, but use your imagination. Ked is a BIG guy (most of us refer to him as the Polar Bear and its apt) and his music is every bit as monolithic. I had the pleasure of working with him just lately and that spurred me to check out this Canadian musician.

It's also, btw, my first review from Mixposure where I've started picking up new stuff.

Ked is a rocker through and through and you find eight tracks from four albums on his page, I just took a sampling. Knowing Ked a bit I couldn't not listen to Don't Make Me Angry, it's probably his theme song. In my world, if you are gonna rock, you'd better study some chunky. Ked is an example of the school of chunky and Don't Make Me Angry shows just how inventive he gets - angry or otherwise. Take a listen to the wonderfully produced Rain to give you a better example of his range. Lucky Man is one of the first tracks of his to catch my ear, a splendid pop rock track in the finest tradition and one of my Ked faves. Joe The Alien, Ked's 'tribute to Joe Satriani' is a spot on track and I never really got into his style before. Some wild effects swilling around in here too.

I can't swear, with my hand on my heart that I actually like instrumental rock, What grabs me most - as Ked well knows - is a song and with Another Crappy Pop Song he answers the need. A classic rock diatribe against all elements of the so called music business, all of which I heartily agree with, and a great song and how could any resist a chorus that goes 'Just another crappy prop song'? Classic rock is the floe that the Bear frolics in and - true to form - Kiss My Reality is another diatribe, this time against Gene Simmons that well known hate figure. I haven't delved into the many collaborations this musician has been into but I do know from my own experience that Ked Dieter is an experienced hand with rock; even my own strange variety. So, a Bear for all Seasons? I should say.

Highly Recommended rock pyrotechnics.

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