Sunday, October 18, 2009

James Crosbie Hancox - It's Just A Game

Hear The Track Here

I reviewed a couple of tracks from this Liverpool, England based singer songwriter and - to be fair - he's done pretty well out of the encounter, even though the tracks are a little linear. James has an album Painting In Numbers, consisting of those first two tracks and It's Just A Game - and more obviously - whose premise is that each song is made completely in one chord. At least, if I have it right that is. James will clarify if not, I'm sure. For the record, James is an Alternative artist who knows the value of a good song and that - more than anything else - is what cuts him out from others.

Mind you, being English myself, I am bound to have a bias to music from my own country but It's Just A Game is just a terrific song, and that is undeniable. More to the point, considering the songs premise (one chord, remember?), It's Just A Game sounds slick, polished and professional. With one notable exception. I feel kinda niggly even bringing this up because it isn't really a fault per se, just something that keeps nagging me when I listen to this track and something I noticed in previous tracks.

Something about the mix just doesn't sit right. I've actually mentioned it before in my review of Home and Dry (August 2009) that there seems to be something missing. As good as the song, performance and overall sound is, there's a lack of excitement in the track. I lay this on the mix. I don't know, maybe just a little too clean? Whatever it is, it doesn't stop the song coming through, and that's the main thing. and It's Just A Game - as I say - is a cracking song.

Highly Recommended Alternative.

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