Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fortune - Two Halves Of A Heart

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Or Fortune Rocks if you are going by their current name on Soundclick, nonetheless it's the same Fortune that built up a string of Must Haves from me over the past year or so. A six piece Boston, MA based band, Fortune have made themselves a great many fans on Soundclick, and rightly so because this is no bedroom band. Fortune are the real deal, a live, gigging band with a great sound (provided that certain varieties of classic rock flip your switch) and the added bonus of being extremely professional songwriters and arrangers. I've personally compared them to some of the great classic rock stars and I don't throw compliments like that around lightly.

No question that the bulk of their material is from the more prog-rock end of the rock field and - in any other case - this would have me spurting venom like there was no tomorrow. That has never been the case with Fortune, even though I have questioned my liking for this band when the genre usually leaves me cold. I think most of this must be down to the way Fortune serve it all up; imagine (insert your prog-rock hero here) in their heyday and that is the kind of quality Fortune have become known for.

Even though Two Halves of a Heart, like a lot of the material I've reviewed, is probably old in terms of where the band are at now, it strikes exactly the right pose to deliver this material. It's billed as Progressive Metal but - to be honest - that tag just leaves me bemused because anyone who knows Yes, Boston, Styx, Kanasas et al will readily relate to this. For sure there is a strain of American rock that does exceptionally well in America, but doesn't travel very well. For example, not as popular this side of the pond. Fortune could certainly be a band to bridge that gap.

Highly Recommended Classic rock.

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