Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bright Midnight - Killers of the Worst Type

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This is the fourth Bright Midnight track I have reviewed and, looking back, each track has been successively better than the last so maybe this is the one that's going to blow my socks off. Well, that's what I kept telling myself anyway. Regular readers will remember my surprise that this Texas based musician can sound eerily similar to the Lizard King himself, Jim Morrison. Could be a blessing or a curse, I suppose, depending on where you take it. At first I thought it was intentional but it soon become obvious that he wasn't copying the Doors style, just sounded incredibly Jimbo like is all...

Strange days indeed.

Killers of the Worst Type is pretty much what I expected, if a little rougher than previous tracks. That might be down, yet again, to that retro Doors sound (around the time of Strange Days) and the inevitable Morrison comparison. One of the elements I especially enjoyed from the Doors where the bassline and Killers of the Worst Type has a great one. Much more to the point, not only does Bright Midnight sound like Morrison, I caught elements of Morrisey in this too; and that blend shouldn't even bear thinking about but works surprisingly well.

So its a given that you would have to like the sound of classic rock (Doors especially) and think that both Morrison and Morrisey are great lyricists and vocalists, then Killers of the Worst Type is made for you. This is billed as Jazz fusion but I don't hear that at all, it has some jazzy elements but so did the Doors but there were still a rock band. I know I keep banging on that particular band but its difficult not to when the sound is so scarily close to what the original sounded like. Now, on the other hand, you could take that as a pretty big compliment too and I think it fits.

Highly Recommended Doors influenced ROCK music. (Despite the label)

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