Friday, October 23, 2009

Gary Hart - Black

Hear The Track Here

Yes, the same Hart that is a part of Jackson_Hart whose Gypsy Princess track rocked the month a few days ago. So here he is up again, am I doing doubles again? Simple explanation? This is the first month I have run a request list on Mixposure - I'll take whatever I can get. No big hardship of course, because it was Gary Hart's guitar work that made a lot of the running in Gypsy Princess, here is a solid heavy rock guitarist of the old school. You know, someone who knows how to raise energy simply by bashing the crap out of a piece of wood; the power he used in that track is still making my teeth vibrate almost a week later.

Gary Hart is from Ottawa, Canada and the reason I mention this is because his guitar style reminds me of another Canadian guitarist who influenced me earlier on in my life. The name Paul Rudolph may not mean too much these days but the way he laid down chunks of sheet metal, laced with intricate, detailed solos, really affected me at the right time when I was a lot younger. Gary definitely delivers the meat and potatoes that makes rock happen and given the amount of rock guitarists around, easily keeps up with the competition.

It isn't all a cosy, romantic, hand-in-hand walk in the bluebell woods at sunset tale though, as you may surmise from the title. Can't, for the life of me, fathom out the lyrics except maybe she done him wrong. I think this is a studio track taken from Shining Through, his first album, and there are a few other musicians on the track but to be honest the mix doesn't help to make them shine. This is a track where there is a LOT happening at any one point and - sometimes - it just sounds confused. Metal is the base of it, but rock is what makes it happen but I suspect it may only appeal to metal-heads but there are plenty of them around to keep Gary Hart happy.

Recommended high energy metal.

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