Friday, October 30, 2009

Solid Sounds - i'me luvvin you2

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I've reviewed a fair number of tracks from Sheffield's Solidsounds and in fact have another surprise in that direction before the end of the month, and I have generally found their version of dance based electronica listenable. Not always the case when you mix dance and electronica together with my views on the genre but MC Solid and crew have done pretty well. A couple of highly recommended's isn't a bad start at all, especially in a genre I have been known to drown in poisonous prose at every opportunity. So, in a way, I was kind of looking forward to this track but oh oh oh shouldn't count on anything...

There are two versions of this track, one (presumably the original) and this version. Solid was saying in his request that he couldn't make up his mind which version to go for, and the only comment I can make on that is simple, none. Oooowww Gilmore, that is harsh. Explain yourself. OK, THIS version of the track (and I don't think this is intentional) sounds like its being sung by that world famed rock vocalist Eric Theodore Cartman and arranged by a group of mayflies who have to play it quickly before they die. Moreover, to my ears anyway, it's just a speeded up version of the original, which doesn't come out too clean either.

There is nothing basically wrong with i'me luvvin you (their spelling) musically, in fact its quite a pleasant, cheerful, chirpy kind of tune. You would have to listen to it for a few times before that became apparent though. That is mainly down to the vocal I'm afraid. I've listened to enough music in enough different situations to know when someone is holding back, and that is seriously happening with this track. I know full well that we all work within our limitations, and it's obvious that Solid has some technical ones, but even so. Moreover, the track is mixed with the vocal right up front and loud (in comparison to everything else). This points up the hesitancy in the vocal, and its other errors because of that same holding back. As I say, good song, but definitely needs some working on final presentation to make it really work. These comments are, I might add, about the original. This version isn't up to much at all, unless you happen to be a fan of Eric (I am a Rock God) Cartman, of course.

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