Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Larry Ludwick/The Dead Company - Dreams and Aspirations

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Or The Dead Company featuring Larry Ludwick, whichever way you want it. I've known of the Dead Company for years and if you had asked me say six to nine months ago if I thought Larry Ludwick and them had anything in common I would have said no. Which just goes to show that age can indeed affect your judgement. Not only do Larry and TDC (or more correctly Jon Bushaway of TDC) have lots in common, they now start to sound as if they have been together forever, certainly Larry has picked up the vocal duties with the minimum of fuss. Although when I reviewed Afternoon Show (February 2009) I wasn't that positive but time solved that problem - and a couple more tracks of course...

As far as I am aware what happens here is that Jon Bushaway supplies music and lyrics and Larry sets them to voice. Now if I remember correctly, something about Jon moving away from his usual soundscape style (believe me, no one does soundscapes like this guy) was mooted somewhere. Something about wanting to work with more coherent structures and even (gulp) songs. Songs?? The Dead Company? The same Dead Company who have given me the task of reviewing some of the longest tracks I have ever come across - including a 39 minute monster somewhere. Well, I tell ya what, if Dreams and Aspirations is an indication of the new change then I'm all for it because this is a solid track.

What? Well, of course it's fekkin weird! Drrrr. The Dead Company have been anything but, and I suspect Larry has been severely infected with the same virus. However, as a very smart piece of Electronica and an extremely lyrical tone poem, this is right up there. No sharp edges, no feeling of impending doom, no waiting for the other shoe to drop.... My God, maybe this IS a major change after all. I'm a sucker for lyrics and this track has a terrific set, do take the time to squint at them especially when you are listening to the track, it will make it much clearer.

Excellent Experimental Song/poem/whatever.

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