Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ricky - Queen Of Solitude

Hear The Track Here

Last track this month from Mixposure, the simply titled Ricky is USA based musician who has more than a passing resemblance to the late George Harrison. He cites the Beatles as one of his influences along with Tom Petty and both artists definitely have my seal of approval. One of the ultimate bands IMHO of the last century was The Traveling Wilburys probably the only REAL supergroup because it spanned the whole of rock history from Roy Orbison to Harrison to Bob Dylan to Tom Petty. Man what a line up. But we're getting off the point. As you can see, my initial enthusiasm for this track is pretty high, and I guess I expected a track along those lines.

Which, btw, I am always up for.

Queen Of Solitude turns out to be a rock based (gulp) ballad. Oh come on, there is no need to duck, I'm not that bad about ballads surely? Yeah, OK, I am that bad. Truth is most ballads make me want to reach for a hammer, it would have to be something special or have something special about it to make me attention long enough to calm down and think rationally. Surprisingly enough, the special thing this track contains is a beautifully recorded and played accordion - and you don't get to hear one of those every day. Moreover, Queen of Solitude is a very decent song indeed that had me scratching for who it reminded me of. Closest I could get was Neil Young in his more pensive moments.

Whatever, Ricky has delivered a deceptive track here that shouldn't be treated to just a drive-by listen. Queen Of Solitude for its pensive, careful pace and the phrasing of the vocal demands more than a listen or two, despite a very understated mix. In fact the mix is the only fly in the ointment I can see, and even then it's a small thing. I had to put on one of my own tracks to check that my sounds were working correctly - this is a very quiet track. Nonetheless if you like classic rock and are partial to a ballad in said genre, the Queen Of Solitude awaits you with bated breath.

Excellent rock ballad (there, I said it!). Highly Recommended, especially for the accordion.

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