Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twisted Angel - Cowardice Hero

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This is what, the fifth or sixth Twisted Angel track I have reviewed? Enough certainly to get a feel for where this Canadian rapper is going and I like it. After all, there aren't many rappers around who would dare to tackle goth music, let alone make it work for them - Twisted Angel is, in that way, a bit unique. I Gave Her the World, but She Wanted Mars (August 2009) was a bit too closer to the hiphop norm for me but this outing promises the usual Twisted surprise. This time, he's decided that he wants to play with the big boys and make a 'metal' track and if anyone can make it work, it's probably this guy.

Twisted wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals and Matthew Pablo (of the band of the same name) put up the music and production and yes, it is metal - although not yer typical variety. There are elements of both original metal and the more modern varieties expounded by Linkin Park, Korn and even snatches of German metal (in a couple of the earlier vocals) and you would think I'd be quite happy about that. Indeed I would be because I like all this stuff. Twisted has a cautionary word on the song when he says it is 'a li'l rough' although I think it goes much further than just being a little rough.

The beginning certainly lacks coherence, and much of the vocal is out of tune, it doesn't really gel until around a minute or so into it and then it does start to rock out. The vocal does, unfortunately, keep going out of tune and the section around 2:20 is probably the best in terms of tunefulness and togetherness. IMHO, I think there is probably a good song here, but its going to take a bit of re-structuring and definitely replacing the vocals. Still, as Twisted said, this is a little rough and he expects to do some more work on it so I hope that these things get taken care of. Should that be the case, this should prod some serious bottom but it's a long way between that and this track.

Rough, shambling metal/rap cross that almost works.

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