Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Modems - The Devils Lodge

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The Modems came out of nowhere, surprising the beejeebers out of people on Soundclick - and this reviewer - with their brand of classic rock. Tunes with attitude. Not to mention more than a trace of where the band come from (way up in the north of England). Kiss Of Death (September 2009) was the last track I heard from them and it also got a Must Have from me. Two tracks, two Must Haves, Now that is a neat trick, but can they do it a third time? To be honest, I'd have to say that I would have bet on it, that is how good they are. What I didn't expect was for them to knock me on my ass for a third time.

It's a sign of the songwriting quality at work here that makes the whole Modems thing tick. The songs are absolutely the very best you are likely to hear anywhere on the planet, and they make it all sound so effortless. That is why I like this band because I know that quality work like this takes endless time and patience by the truckload. Not to mention a wee spot of talent. That wasn't my initial impression, the intro is well odd, and it took time for the arrangement to work its magic but by the time the first chorus kicks in, you're either hooked or not. If you are not you would miss the incredible rush verse two gives you.

Its in the second chorus where the fun really starts with a incredibly Prince-like feel to it. capped by the verse vocal swapping from male to female. The effect is startling, so is the track at this point, pop just shouldn't sound this good. The Modems cite Pixies, B-52's and Joy Division as some of their influences but the wider approach of pop (albeit a kind of rock/dance pop) is where they are most at home. Absolutely top marks to both vocalists on this awesome track; a beautiful pair a pipes the two o' you. I think the Modems are probably one of the most impressive artists on Soundclick right now because they embody all I love about indie music. Great songs, incredible performances and at an unbeatable price. I've already got two Modems tracks cosy on my harddrive and this boy is going to join them right now. A blistering track in every way.

MUST HAVE. Indie music at its finest.

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