Monday, April 27, 2009

Twisted Angel - Some Kind Of Monster

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Twisted Angel (or (Twisted) AnGeL to be precise) is a new name to me on Soundclick. Not, as you might have imagined some socket-eyed Goth goblin but a hiphop artist from Calgary, Canada. Not a town noted for its rappers, that's for sure. The more I dug, the more intrigued I became, although only 21 Twisted Angel has apparently been on Soundclick since 2003 and yet doesn't have much on his webpage - 22 songs in total. Not that this makes any difference, I guess, if you already know about this rapper but if not, now's your chance.

Personally I really appreciate rappers who take their time and make sure they have their lyrics online as well as their tracks. Although I can fish out most of the sense of rap tracks, reading them helps to establish a faster link to the flow and pace of the track. Some Kind Of Monster is produced by someone called Kid Kutz so whether the music came from Twisted Angel or not is a mystery. Going to have to presume that the rap is definitely him. The music is pretty basic, revolving around a harpsichord figure but with a nice bottom-y beat that punches the rap down your ears. It takes a while but that simpleness becomes quite catchy, surprisingly enough.

From where I sit, I think that Some Kind Of Monster is a great idea that doesn't quite work in the way it was intended. I think I definitely see where Twisted is heading with it but the execution of it leaves something to be desired. While it has the correct swagger and bravado to pull the rhythmic side of the track together, the vocals do fail and sometimes wincingly so. Twisted is a reasonable rapper but when he stretches out even the slightest bit, his voice goes markedly out of tune. Shame though, because the rest of it definitely makes its case; good song, good back story and some nicely judged hookery.

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