Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cameron Pierce - Hostage

Hear The Track Here

Cameron Pierce, yet another Canadian musician makes 'accessible pop rock with great hooks' as he defines it. I heartily agree but would go further. When I first came across him in November 2003, he was a rough and ready songwriter in the Beatles mode and for a good few years after that kept me constantly supplied with feel good pop rock of a high order. However, over the last year or so Cameron has really begun to stretch his wings, moving into areas that surprised a lot of people- and doing it most successfully too. Gaining him a couple of very tasty recommendations from me along the way. Seriously, if you like a really good singer songwriter then check this guy out.

Dragging myself back from the past, Hostage seems to be a very recent track, uploaded last month. Always nice to see a new Cameron Pierce track anyway but the latest batch have really caught my interest. When I reviewed The End of the Galaxy (If My Baby is Out There) (January 2009) I commented about cam's increasing arrangement strengths and Hostage just builds on that. I think it fair to say that earlier tracks by this artist were derivative to a degree but over the past year or so I believe Cameron has developed his own voice and style to such an extent that he has - as it were - come into his own.

Hostage is more rock rock than pop rock IMHO, and that is a very good thing.

Like almost every other human being the first twenty seconds of a track either seals the deal or not. Sure I take my time and spend lots of time dissecting music but more often than not, its that first impression that counts. Let me prove this. Listen to the first twenty (nay ten!) seconds of this track and see if that doesn't lead to listening to the whole thing. Hostage is the kind of track where everything starts solid and responsive and then just gets steadily better so that by the middle of the song, you are totally involved. Considering that everything you hear on this track is from the brain and fingers of one man, this is an absolutely dynamite track.

Highly Recommended Rock song and MUST HAVE for fans.

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