Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cinnibar - Visit With A Vision

Hear The Track Here

Although the name Cinnabar might be a tad unknown to you, the names associated with it shouldn't be. Visit With A Vision is a three way collaborative effort between Gary Judge, Matt Tyson and Mokee Dugway. I first made the acquaintance of Mokee Dugway at the end of last year but his Twelve (So long to city song) (March 2009) - again with Matt Tyson - was a blinding track making a major impact with me. Actually, I don't really dish out a whole lot of Must Haves over the course of a month and it always takes a special track (in some way) to make the grade but Twelve aced it and then some. A classic piece of rock music.

And so, with a little tweak, is this one.

The little tweak being, in this case, some operatic samples I definitely recognise and love their use in this track. T'ain't what it appears though when judged by the intro, as impressive as it is. The core of Visit With A Vision is rock but done in such a positive, fresh and original way it will take your breath away, more so after soaking up that epic opening section. What I saw in Matt and Mokee's previous work is only amplified here with its exposure to that nice classical influence - courtesy I guess of Gary Judge? I don't know, hard to tell with a song of this complexity.

That is, of course, its saving grace. You hear a piece of music like this and you realise the fine line between making something count or having it come across as false. Not a note of Visit With A Vision is wasted effort, everything exactly where it should be to make a piece as ambitious as this - and have it work a treat. Waddling in at a portly seven minutes this is not going to be a drive by lets have a look see; this is a track that demands your attention - and its as original as it gets. All told this is an absolutely wonderful merge of styles and again shows these are musicians worth keeping an eye on.

MUST HAVE blend of classical and rock.

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