Monday, April 27, 2009

Blipstar - Love Song

Hear The Track Here

Another new name to me, this time courtesy of POPspace, Blipstar is a fellow Englishman who has made himself very visible on that site, giving him a number 1 with Love Song. See, promotion and/or shooting your mouth off in public DO work ;) God bless the dartboard theory I say. He's got sixteen tracks up on his POP page so obviously this is not a newcomer to making music, unless he makes them in ten minutes apeice. Don't laugh, it happens. You can't tell either from his page what kind of music motivates him because each track is in a different genre.

Which is increasingly familiar these days.

What we've got in the meantime is Love Song, which is an Ambient track. Uh Oh. Regular readers will be only too well aware of my feelings towards this genre of which POP seems to have a surfeit of these days. Considering how I rant and rail against the genre (and New Age btw because they are close cousins) it's quite amazing how many tracks I do find that meet some of my requirements for listening to music I have no taste for. First, and most important, is that the track should contain mucho melodies and that it never, ever overdoes the old plinky things (Ed: he means things are plucked, hit or otherwise abused) that festoon every track in the genre.

Blipstar gets by because he only uses one such plinky figure and seeing as its carrying the bulk of the weight, I guess it would have to be termed essential. Stretching out over a princely five and three quarter minutes, Love Song doesn't seem as long and that's always a good thing in my books. Musically and technically this is a very good track indeed, plenty of those melodies I was jabbering about and the production is as sharp as a pin. It's a great shame the genre leaves me cold but, even so, I can recognise a class piece of work when I hear it.

Highly Recommended New Age/Ambient

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