Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Antennaheadz - Sunny Days With Things To Do

Hear The Track Here

Damn it, first of the month and look who is here already. In case you have been off-planet for the last couple of years here's the story so far... I first met Thomas J Marchant (aka The Antennaheadz) when he was an experimental artist called Station for Imitation where probably the nicest thing I said about him was ' SFI are going to be much of an acquired taste if you usually like more accessible music'. As you can see, I was unstinting in my praise....NOT. Fact is, SFI didn't press too many pleasure buttons for me, expected - I know - from experimental electronica but it IS a difficult thing to love and SFI's more than most.

Then Thomas had a blond moment and changed overnight...now read on....

He went from that to acoustic troubadour/songwriter almost overnight and then he really started cooking. His great blend of 50/60's lo-fi caterwauling and his innate feel for a good song ensured that the new improved Thomas J would get a lot of attention. I bet even he was surprised by just HOW much though, including being my own Artist Of The Year for 2008. All worth it though as the numerous Must Have's he's notched up testify and - if I'm any judge - Sunny Days With Things To Do is only going to add more lustre to his growing reputation. But Gilmore, you wail and gnash your teeth, its sounds bloody awful!! Welp, only if you don't know whats going on with this musician I would indeed say that the mix and production on this is as rough as your proverbial bears backside but that is the intention. One of the main selling points for any Antennaheadz tracks is the absolute dedication to getting the sound right for the period - please note my italics.

Besides, how many people write about the joys of ice cream these days?

Essentially, Sunny Days With Things To Do is a paean to the joys of summer. Being an Englishman like Thomas, I have not much experience with summer and we limeys tend to get tremendously excitable when exposed to its light; let me tell you a crowded English beach at the height of the UK summer (one Wednesday in August for about two hours) is not a pretty sight. It would probably be made much more palatable when taken in conjunction with the light, breezy and chucklesome lyrics and pace of this Antennaheadz track with its wide open (if aurally jarring) sixties chug beat and standard Farfisa organ sound. Me, I love it but I would because I am a confirmed fan of this artist - after all who else who have the sheer brass neck to use 'I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream' as a leading song lyric?

Rough but tasty summer treat. Highly Recommended blast of fun (ie not to be taken that seriously)

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