Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minimack - Live My Life

Hear The Track Here

I first encountered producer/rapper Minimack when I reviewed Please Stop The Struggle (September 2008) a joint effort with his Mom, both of which made an impression on me. Since then Minimack has become a steady presence on the Soundclick forums, particularly Critics Corner where his idea of a monthly competition has become a standard feature. He's been taking some time out lately though as he is getting a studio together, but still manages to get the tracks out the door as Live My Life testifies. Posted in January this year so probably not anything out of the presumed studio but nonetheless this is a Soundclick rapper I do have time for.

Although he has worked with some of the known Soundclick beat factories, beats (and presumably music) in this case supplied by the oddly named Yaungbloods, which is definitely a new name to me. As it goes, the music track is pretty decent, especially on the lower end where it counts; there is a lovely loping bassline that floats over the top of the song as well as underpinning it. To be honest, I am not really a fan of tinkly stuff. Bells and tinkly pianos are like chalk on a blackboard to me and they have to actually be part of the fabric of the track to work properly and thankfully Live My Life just manages to pull it off.

Live My Life is 'a song about hustlin in different manners' and as such carries the obligatory Parental Advisory, although I personally couldn't hear anything to take offense about - and I have the vocabulary of a seasoned sailor. Minimack doesn't really have what I would call a typical rap voice but - in some ways - I think that stands in his favour, as does the commercial orientation he comes up with this track. I could have done with a tad more energy from the vocals in the extremely catchy chorus but it nonetheless put the idea across well. There is a lightness about the track that is probably one of its more endearing traits so give it some to settle in your brain and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Recommended rap.

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