Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prospect Music - Foreverland (Short Mix)

Hear The Track Here

'I tried to cut down the repetitive parts, since I know about your lack of tolerance for trance' .DJProspect says when presenting this track to us. Not an easy task, I would think, given that repetition is an essential part of the genre. Besides which, even I'm not that much of an egoist to imagine that someone would tailor something for my taste, it would still be the same irritating trance wouldn't it? Except maybe less of it. No, let's climb out of this verbal thicket, and get back to the pestilence of the age... Ooops, I'm sorry, did I equate trance with something far, far worse? Well, now ya know how I feel.

Beware the scorch marks I say.

Having said that both Aquatopia (Enhanced Trance Redux) (December 2008) and Tears Of The Moon (January 2009) did fairly well by me considering. Not something I would personally go hunting for but if I were, either track would have filled the need. Foreverland (at five minutes plus this is the short mix?) does much the same trick and there - I suspect - I'll always fail to understand the lure of this kind of material. On a purely technical level, ProspectMusic puts the track across very well; a good clear mix, decent arrangement and some welly (Ed: energy he means) behind the proceedings.

Having heard more than my fair share of (lets be honest) really rubbish trance, it is nice to hear someone who has a bit of a touch for the melodic about the whole four-to-the-floor-fiasco farce. See, thats the thing, while I freely admit that I don't like the genre in any normal fashion I can listen to a track like Foreverland and find a great many things to like in it. All of which makes me think that people who like trance will get a lot more enjoyment out of this than someone like me who's head is so obviously up his own ass. btw, I liked the faster sections most, the floaty inner section didn't work at all for me. Aiiiiiiiii...

Recommended Trance even....

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