Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't Stop The Daggers - Go Down Song

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There are some Soundclick artists who truly make me smile. Even more so when they insist that their track is just a 'rough mix' and then the thing craps all over everybody elses work from a very great height. Doncha just hate it when that happens? Well, actually no, I rather enjoy it - even though such competence makes me want to vomit (like any other sane musician). Over the past year or so, Can't Stop The Daggers have been the culprits more often than not, and if it isn't them its their equally sublime first cousin, Azoora. Don't ask me why I keep lumping these two bands together because they are quite different. The reason is, I think, that they both have an incredible lineup of musicians and they write some of the best indie pop songs you or I are likely to hear right now.

Can't Stop The Daggers are a extremely clever amalgm of everything you have ever heard; half the fun in hearing their tracks is picking out the myriad influences. In the case of Go Down Song the first reference is New Order and the second U2 and that's not a bad start by anyones reckoning. This is the last track to be completed for their upcoming album, an event much anticipated in the Gilmore houshold let me tell ya. The tune started off with a bassline from Emily Schalick which is were the New Order influence comes in. Personally I love this kind of bass playing and indeed have my own version coming up - isn't it funny how ideas pop up in waves?

The U2 connection comes about because of the vocal, pure Bono.

T'ain't though, just li'l ol' Jon Partelow singing his heart out and - take it from me - he sounds bloody wonderful. Knowing that the track was 'recorded pretty dry, just my living room has 38 ft ceiling' and pretty much live to boot, I can see where tweaking this will bring out even more nuance and tone, as if that were actually possible. From the bare bones, this is going to grow into a killer track so remember that you read it here first. I freely admit that I am massively biased in favour of this AZ based band but that shouldn't put you off hearing (even in this unfinished form) just how good alternative music can sound when handled properly. Imagine being deliriously happy singing along with a lyric that goes ' we just get older' and you are almost there. Damn, I can't wait for this album, come on you guys get with it!!

MUST HAVE indie alternative. C-L-A-S-S.

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Johan said...

Oh yes, oh yes! A truly great band!
Btw: Brand new Ep with Azoora out now on 23 Seconds Netlabel. :-)