Saturday, April 18, 2009

Michael Vincent Fusco - The Angry Block

Hear The Track Here

A new name to me, Michael Vincent Fusco has only been on Soundclick for a while but has managed to ferret away seventy eight tracks on his Soundclick page. Like a great many internet musicians, Michael got into music through the much ridiculed Ejay music software and sample sets. Personally I've never understood the enmity engendered by such 'instant music' programs, they actually bought a tremendous amount of new blood into the party. Besides which once people learned the limitations of Ejay (and there were several) they soon gravitated to more grown up software - at least the serious ones, the ones who had got the bug big time. As did Michael Vincent apparently...

He made the wise choice of upgrading to Fruity Studio, my own personal favourite.

'Super Nintendo styled drum and bass track. How cool is that!?' he asks in the song comments. Well normally right now I'd be going off on one, bewailing my hatred of all things soundtrack and/or game music, but don't let the Nintendo reference throw you as it did me at the beginning. The Angry Block is a solid piece of electronica in the time honoured fashion, the Nintendo sounds used are of extremely good audio quality - which suggests Michael made them himself. If that's the case, then a big nod of respect to the man because he has nailed the classic Nintendo sound without losing any of the warmth and spark of (do forgive me for saying this...) real music.

While The Angry Block is somewhat repetitive, there is still enough meat on its bones to take you through the just over four minutes of its length without breaking a sweat. Moreover if you are one of those weird human beings who actually likes the sound that console games specialise in, then this is going to go down extremely well. Chances are that you won't have heard game music this good, with a musical production to match. There is a sense of intense exhilaration from certain sections of the track that would definitely fit in the right game, even though I don't think that was the musicians intention. I think he just wanted to make a good piece of instrumental music and I personally think he's done a fine job indeed.

Neat game-like electronica. Highly Recommended if you like this stuff.

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