Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Larry Ludwick - On The Night Train

Hear The Track Here

An oldie this time from Larry Ludwick (old in this case being a year exactly, according to the upload date). Larry has had a string of highly recommendeds from me over the past year or so, and in a range of genres. Officially Larry is an electronica artist but like most labels doesn't even begin to cover what this musician is capable of. I've heard Jazz, blues, country, plain weird and everything in between from this artist and if their is one thing I like it's an eclectic taste. On The Night Train is billed as mellow electronica which, on the face of it, doesn't sound this exciting because I don't do mellow too well.

In fact, I don't do mellow at all.

Mind you, the last time Larry ventured into this area with the distinctly New Age-y Somnia (February 2009) I found myself liking it despite my usual curled lip at the genre. Larry seems to have a pretty deft touch when it comes to putting enough into a track to keep you interested - sometimes despite your best efforts - and varies the routine enough to make you nod your head in appreciation once or twice. Although On The Night Train has a bit more propulsion (no pun intended, of course) than Somnia (Ed: it would though, wouldn't it?) it does share some of the same new age tendencies. There again, this musicians stated influences are Brian Eno, Kitaro and Enya should give you enough warning if you are - like me - allergic to all things OMMMM.

As a piece of music, On The Night Train stands up real well, whatever you might feel about the style the track is couched in. Larry's touch with melodic sequences is what kept me listening, the same as Somnia, and shows that he takes time and trouble to make sure arrangement and production are up to the usual high standard. It is a given that you would like the style to really appreciate the track, and I found that varied each time I heard it. very much a mood piece, I thought. Some days I'd love it's simple but effective style, some days I'd hate it for its very smugness. There again, those were my philistine days - of which I seem to have more than most normal human beings.

Highly Recommended mellow Electronica (despite my grumpiness).

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