Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pidgeman - Without You

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At this point in time, I have reviewed getting on for a dozen Pidgeman tracks and discovered that this rock based musician is generally worth listening to. Personally I still think he is capable of much, much more but his catalog of tracks on Mp3 Unsigned (and Soundclick) will show a very competent musician and songwriter, sometimes let down by the equipment he is working with. A common complaint I know, but one that holds some importance IMHO. Nonetheless, if you like good old fashioned guitar rock with a touch of alternative thrown in for good luck, then Craig Matthews (aka Pidgeman) and you should strike up an acquaintance.

In a manly kind of way of course ;)

One of my main problems with this artist has always been something that he doesn't have a lot of experience in and I guess that isn't fair, but it counts. Pidgeman is a musician who really needs a producer to bring out both his music and his arrangements. Don't get me wrong, all the parts are there; he's a very good songwriter, decent guitarist and manages to fill his tracks with all the right noises - as the merest drive by listen to Without You would show. With its sub-Sharona riff and lovely dovey lyrics, you can really see that Pidgeman definitely knows his stuff - as I've said loads and loads of times.

So why then, is there always this question hanging around whenever I listen to him? It's in the overall sound and arrangement for me, and always has been. I have no problem with his lyrics, this man writes some incredibly catchy hooks. His voice hasn't always worked for me but I think I'd put that down to production as well, but the overall sound always has a demo feel (which it probably is, thinking about it) but I know the the added production knowledge would really allow this musician to come into his own. There again, as always, I seem to be in the minority because all the comments posted about this track are very positive indeed and maybe I just hear something that isn't all that relevant - but it is to me. Curmudgeon suit aside, this is a breezy pop rock number despite all I've said.

Highly Recommended pop rock.

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