Monday, April 27, 2009

Fortune - Lives Can Change Direction

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It doesn't seem that long that Fortune surprised the beejeebers out of me (and a few others too) when they turned up on my review list with All Sold Out (December 2008), the first of a string of Must Have tracks from this Boston MA band. What surprised me most was the complete professionalism all round; presentation, performance, production - everything just right. It shouldn't have done, of course, because Fortune is an actual real-life band and have obviously been seriously working in their musical pecs and abs, all for the benefit of our earholes. Right now I think Soundclick's denizens should thank their lucky stars there are such stellar bands as this, showing that there is life in the rock beast yet.

and free downloadable tracks at that...

To my ears there is a distinct difference between US rock and (say) UK rock, especially in the execution and delivery. There is a polish to a lot of American rock that would never fly this side of the pond - at least amongst musicians - and Lives Can Change Direction is a perfect example of it. Certainly it owes more to Bon Jovi (and its poppy acoustic rock version) than to any number of endless Kerrrang bands (Ed: its the riff, stupid!) so if that kind of rock floats your boats, go grab now and be done with this review, I do understand, ya see, that this kind of music isn't for anybody. For me I have to say what is not to like?

The one thing you can guarantee about a track from this band is that it will probably be one of the best listens you are likely to hear - whatever your feelings about the genre. For my money, although I loved everything about it - as usual - it did sound a tad too commercial for my own tastes, a distinction that became more evident the more I played it. It also has that kinda ballad-y thing happening and that's always a no-no for me. Bloody faultless in every other degree though, almost five minutes of highly professional acoustic pop that puts the right perspective on whether unsigned bands are any good or not.

Damn straight. Highly Recommended unplugged rock.

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