Friday, April 10, 2009

Tim Turner - Same Old Wrong (ft Jim-n-Lisa)

Hear The Track Here

Regardless of how far I may stray into other musical areas, I will always revert back to rock when I am in need of some serious pick up. Of course the problem is that while you can find some very classy rock around, it is actually quite rare to hear something that is both classy rock and appealing to a wider audience. I've never known Tim Turner to put a foot wrong in this respect, he is an excellent musician with warmth and heart in his playing and writing but that isn't really the thing that sets him apart. Nope, that honour goes to the people Tim chooses to work with to make his musical dreams reality.

Take, for example, Same Old Wrong. Not content with writing a world class blues rock track, and playing solid guitar and vocals with it, Tim then ropes in the justly famed Jim-n-Lisa to add some of the finer finishing touches. Those touches being clarinet and slide guitar from Jim Miller and backing vocals from Lisa. All of this was finally mixed down by both Tim and Jim and - knowing both of them - it would have been a long, involved process. When it comes to making my own music I can be absolutely finicky to a fault and I know for a fact Jim Miller suffers from the same phobia, which means that when its right, it's REALLY right.

And Same Old Wrong is REALLY, REALLY right.

I always expect world class performance from these guys as a matter of course but even I have to raise my cap to them for this superlative - and very relaxing - stroll through the blues. Drawing from influences as diverse as Eric Clapton and New Orleans jazz blues themes, Same Old Wrong is one of those infuriating tracks that - try as I might - I can find nothing whatsoever I would want to change about it. It's been a good long while since I have heard from either Jim-n-Lisa or indeed Tim Turner but this more than makes up for the wait. One thing is for sure, Jim-n-Lisa have lost none of their considerable chops since I last encountered them in the musical flesh. Tell you what, go have a listen and hear one of the best tracks you are likely to hear this year - online or off it.

World class musicians. First rate rock blues song. MUST HAVE on all counts.

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