Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cam's Even Song - Take Me Down

Hear The Track Here

A track now from Soundclick's very own Mr Music. Serious, I don't know anyone - at all - who doesn't like Cam's Even Song but I'm sure there are millions of people out there who SHOULD be hearing him. Cam's Even Song (one Cameron Bastedo sole prop.) has been a firm favourite in my household for years, his awesome songwriting skills in evidence at every turn. See, not only can this boy turn out killer tunes at the drop of a hat, he's biblically prodigious too. Out of the 222 tracks now nestled on his webpage, I don't think you would find a bad 'un amongst them, and a great many that ensured him the dubious honour of being named my Artist Of The Year 2006, as well as God knows how many Must Have's and Tracks Of The Year I have given him in the five or six years we have known each other.

The kind of musician you just want so much to hate...but can't because you KNOW he really is that good.

Like most Cam Fans, it's his songwriting prowess that really does it for me. Here is a guy who can take just about any subject matter under the sun and turn it into a song. Not just any song mind, a rip-roaring, everybody-got-to-feel-good anthem of life no less. If you think I'm joking or my usual flowery self, go have a listen. The other thing that does it for me is Cam's musical style, a cross between the Beatles, Bob Dylan and other Classic artists which fits his songwriting style like a glove. Sounding suspiciously like hippie-era Marc Bolan while blowing a distinctly Dylanesque gob iron (Ed: Harmonica), Take Me Down - like all of Cam's tracks - demand that you give it more than one listen for it to work its magic on you.

Initially, I admit, I laboured under the impression that this wasn't as immediate (or intense) an experience as usual but I have made that mistake with Cam before. These days I know that I have to give the track however long it needs to imprint itself into my memory, the end result is always worthwhile. This proved to be the case with Take Me Down which, although lightweight in sound and feel, proved to be deeper than it looked. As ever one of the delights of a new Can track is the lyrical quality, this is a songwriter who knows how to make the words sit up and beg. Probably this is going to be a track for Cam fans to savour - it being a tad quirky in the vocal department for most peoples tastes - but you never know, Cam's Even Song can convert on many levels.

Highly Recommended whimsical Folk Rock.

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