Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Young Kannon - Your Fault

Hear The Track Here

Young Kannon is a member of the Chicago Da Luck Ent collective who has become a familar hip hop voice to me, and hopefully you too. However, his music and raps are gritty, often painful and obviously carrying a parental advisory, so I am sure that he isn't going to appeal to anyone who may be offended by such material. I think I would feel that way too if I were to hear what Kannon has to offer in lesser hands. To accurately get across the sense of rage and fury (and the power that induces) takes a very special skill, especially for it to be believable. The sort of track you know will draw a gawking crowd wanting to look in on the action; but at heart a deeply personal tragedy for many others.

In many ways, Your Fault is a logical follow-on from the harrowing Nowhere 2 Hide, a inner city vision of a nightmare come true and - obviously - not easy listening. Musically its a mix of beats, audio clips and various plinks, plunks and plucks that hold the track up remarkably well, despite their sparseness. As always though, the hard centre of it all is the rap and this is where this track - for me anyway - wins out hands down. As I said, takes a skill to get the rage and emotion into a track like this but it works here with a chilling intensity.

Also like Nowhere 2 Hide it tells a very specific story, complete with sound effects; intensifying the feeling that this is an aural version of a Quentin Tarantino movie. It's a short track for the genre too, weighing in just under the three minute mark but - given the content - there ain't much more you could take without going totally postal. I know there is a big market for music of this type and Young Kannon should do well because he has the intensity down to a T. As always, although I can appreciate the music and the style of this peice, it wouldn't be something I would want to listen to on a regular basis. Waaay too traumatic for that but certainly a track to be taken seriously; it's subject matter alone will ensure that.

Highly graphic slice of inner city life. Harrowing. Recommended, even so...

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