Saturday, September 08, 2007

Suspeckt - I Confess (Finished)

Hear The Track Here

Second one out of the bag is an artist that has become familar to me of late, delivering a track a month for a while there. Although both Bad Dream (June 2007) and Push My Keys (July 2007) weren't exactly models of the hip hop rappers art, they did show some promise. Out of the two I preferred Bad Dreams which kind of overcame its performance and production problems with some interesting musical ideas to go along with the usual verbalising. Now I know that this genre (hip hop in case you weren't paying attention) has never had much good press, especially on Soundclick but I have a soft spot - and always have had - for this genre because we often tend to forget that was originally music made DESPITE record company attention; usually in their garages on whatever they can lay their hands on. And not a record exec in sight.

My main gripe about this artist revolves around - surprisingly enough - what the term 'finished' means, but even then I have to say that, from the first listen was definitely the best sounding track I had from this artist so far. We are not, of course, dealing with the normal concept of finished aurally but given what Suspeckt is working with to produce his music this is a track he can be personally proud of. Sure it has some of the rough edges we have spoken about in past reviews but here the strength of the musical backing track and the tightness (if that term can be used) vocal kinda/sorta wipes them out.

It all revolves around the rap ultimately though, and on this showing Suspeckt comes out pretty clean too. There is little of the hesitancy in other tracks; he sounds confident, sure of what he's doing. There is a most definite leaning both in sound and performance towards the more commercial strands of the genre, and that's as it should be - so long as it isn't derivative. Despite the similarities, Suspeckt has enough going on for what he uses as source material lyrically that he may very well become (with time and practice) very accomplished indeed. As it is he has something to be proud of in this track and I guess that counts for a lot - even if it is just us guys; if you know what I mean.

Home made yeah, but still showing hip hop promise. Recommended for that.

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