Thursday, September 27, 2007

One Kid's Lunch - Moment Of Truth

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Some month's I think you guys are just spoiling me. No pleasure to me is greater than reviewing a couple of my favourites together although there is a world of difference between Pilesar and the Contemporary Christian One Kid's Lunch. Oi!! I saw that rolling of the eyes routine. Honestly, do you really think I would subject you to that? Certain breeds of Christians raises my hackles too but thankfully it IS a broad church and there is plenty of room for oddballs such as Dave and Dustin (aka the aforementioned midday meal) to strut their stuff. Any God that would have me for an acolyte would have to be in possession of all his chuckling faculties because you gotta larf, innit?

One of the best things about sitting down to OKL's table is that there is always plenty to munch on, meaty intelligent rock based music tracks, excellent vocals and - best of all - lyrics that are sharp, biting, often irreverent and funny as all get out. LOLrock, anyone? Moment of Truth appears to have come onto Soundclick during the middle of last year and I'm surprised that I seem to have missed out on this band's finer tunes for so long. In the past I have said that this artist often reminds me of the work of 10cc and nowhere does that influence really come out but on this song; performance and songwriting skills are top notch. OK, they are working in a slightly different genre to Godley, Creme et al but not by much.

Two elements of this track struck me as gold dust from the very first play; the way the vocals fitted into the track and played off each other and the lyrics. The lyrics are often the highpoint of OKL tracks, but Moment Of Truth tends to be a little more serious than previous tracks about it's message and - as such - makes a greater impression. At least on me, their number one fan. Moment Of Truth is a very easy track to assimilate but incredibly hard to put down once you've smeared your ears with it. Like a lot of OKL tracks it can soon become incredibly addictive - not to mentioning fattening (of calves, presumably). Ultimately here is a track that almost anyone would enjoy except yer average Goth/death metal freak, and they have their own God as we well know...

MUST HAVE pop rock.

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