Saturday, September 29, 2007

Decollage - Hot Monster Lady

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Although most of us whinge and moan about modern technology and its daily trials, there is no question that has made life much, much better for millions of people. Nowhere is this more so than in the explosion of music making ability that has become available through computer audio technology to every budding Elvis or Britney (Ed: is that the best you can come up with??? and you a famed reviewer? mrrrrrr). When I first started making music seriously the process was almost insurmountable. You had to be young, attractive (Ed: which definitely ruled him out) so that very rich people would invest large amounts of money to go into a studio and record a 'single'. Then you had to go out and play in every fleapit and rathole known to man for the rest of your life in the hope that you may just about appeal to a few thousand people. The nothing I spend on making music now has cost me thousands and thousands and thousands of whatever currency you fancy.

All in the past now.

It also enabled OTHER artists who maybe would never have delved into music on a production level to make a statement aurally as well as physically (ie painting for instance) Decollage is, I believe, one of those people and I have had some interesting musical times listening to her aural works. Another artist unearthed by the ubiquitous Burp, Decollage is a neighour and friend and - as it turned out - also an experimental electronica artist. So, going in to Hot Monster Lady expecting something a little naughty, and you'll get your ears well and truly spanked. Remember, we are talking about experimental here; an area where some things work extraordinarily well and where some crash and burn in glory within seconds.

Decollage has some ups and downs to my ears, but I think that's mainly a taste thing than anything she is doing wrong. Always a problem when listening to this genre when you know that what you are hearing is exactly what is supposed to sound like. Going wtf? wtf? wtf? in breathless high dudgeon isn't going to help at all, believe me. Hot Monster Lady is a couple of minutes spent with a moody little track, grounded in the intro by an absolutely rabid sub-bass that'll take the coating off your speakers. Musically, it's a bit sparse, relying on - as usual - cutups to enhance and sweeps to fill in the gaps; but it's overall effect is definitely greater than the parts. The lady is getting mucho practice on putting these tracks together and it really shows in Hot Monster Lady more than any track I have heard from her lately. Fo' sure, it's different.

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