Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dadala - Dabossala

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When I get into my wistful old man phase, it's usually best to avoid me. I tell you this now because this review is definitely going to include some WOM type sentiments. The reason for this is dadala, not as you might imagine a new name to Soundclick but an older member who has been quiet for some time - at least in the forums. Richard Dunlap is the name behind dadala which, although starting as a solo project now seems to have taken on life of it's own with a castlist of contributors including Pilesar, Mandible, drt, Thomas J and other assorted musical lunatics - not all of which are on the same track at the same time. That would be just too silly.

In a myriad of ways.

It's a welcome return because Richard along with some of the names above helped me establish my liking for all things experimental - and it doesn't come much more experimental than this. If Pilesar were twins, Richard Dunlap would be the most worrying one. If that hasn't set the alarm bells ringin', nothing will so let's press on... Jopy seems to have been the protagonist here and it's about as experimental as your mum. In fact, on the surface of it, this track is correctly classed as Latin: Bossa Nova but it seems to have an added ingredient - the electrician working in the background right through the track. (Ed: err, I think that is supposed to happen.) How would you know? (Ed: got me there)

Noise of all descriptions has always been Richard's trusty steed and a talent he has put to use quite admirably, and it's that side of him that takes up the non-bossa nova sections of this track; his penchant for electric noise is blindingly obvious. That's the great thing about noise though, used properly it conveys an edginess that's hard to beat. dadala have a classic sound in the 'electrician in the background' thingie they have going on throughout this quite likeable track (and that's saying something considering what normally comes out of these guys minds). Obviously this will appeal to fans, and to the obsessively curious (hello me) but it's probably going to be a bit too off the beaten track for most peep-my-shit beat merchants but it is an interesting detour for all that. And Richard, where the hell ya been man??

Recommended Bossa Nova(?) with added ingredient (who is probably non-union)

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