Sunday, September 16, 2007

Denny Schneidemesser - Far Beyond The Stars

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To boldly go where no man has ever gone before, no doubt. German orchestral composer Denny Schneidemesser has written about these and other mysteries as part of his continuing development as a (dare I say this? Will it bring me out in a rash?) film music producer. As you know, to your cost, this is not an area I have been known to clasp tightly to my bosom. However, wearing a large garland of garlic, surrounded by silver crosses, I can approach one of these tracks without the usual diabolical screaming fits the genre has been known to induce in me. It's the third track of his I have reviewed and considering my usual dour attitude towards tracks from this genre, Denny has survived remarkably well.

As you know, all of that can change overnight ;)

Like a great many of us, Denny obviously has the habit of gazing up into the stars and wondering... Nothing wrong with that, it's a subject that fascinated us humans since the dawn of time, but to put it to music? Not an easy task, as you can imagine, and there really haven't been that many artists who have managed to nail that particular feeling. Although he is considerably accomplished given that he's only been doing this music stuff for a couple of years, to attempt such a task is wildly ambitious or tremendously foolhardy, dependent on what comes out of the other end. Like a lot of film music, anything that get pointed heavenwards (in a musical fashion) tends to be slushy drivel, bombastic, pompous odes or - the worst ever - a mixture of the two.
Nonetheless, given his past standard of work, I was curious to see what Denny had come up with.

I have to put my hand to my heart and say I wasn't shaken or stirred while listening to Beyond The Stars, but there again I am a hard bitten cynic of the first order and it's hard to move me. Again though, to Denny's eternal credit, what he does come out makes for a very pleasant listen, and a surprising one for so young a musician. There is a maturity and majesty to his work that can only get better with time and while I am not a fan of the style, I am rapidly becoming a fan of this particular artist.and his knack for knowing the right sound at the right moment. He's no slouch in the production department either because this mix is so clear and crisp, you could have it round for tea.

Highly Recommended film score.

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