Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Wheel - Boomtown

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What? Why are you looking at me like that? Yes, I know I look a little different today but that's because I was instructed, for this review, to (and I quote) 'get (my) dancing pants on'. And I happen to like lilac. And tight, but let's get off that subject rapidly before I cause meself any more shame and embarressment. Anyway, we are here to get down with it and do that thing. Quite what getting down and doing things with it has to do with a nice, clean family type reveiw (Ed: oh f*** off Gilmore) I have no idea but lets press on. Big Wheel isn't just a round object, but will be familiar already to a lot of people as an excellent producer of electronica - with a difference.

Boomtown turns out to be an excellently breezy House workout, leading this reviewer being glad that I am wearing said pants. When I dance it's best to avoid any constriction about my person, while still keeping things contained with the limits of decency - except the lilac of course. Sooo, apart from being a decent, well constructed slice of dance, what else does it have going for it? Welp, our Big Wheel is a bit of a smartarse when it comes to turning out a tune and Boomtown manages to comfortably avoid my own House predjudice (like some of that style but not most).

Like a lot of his tracks this year, this was an entry into the Electronica House Tournament, and I wonder how well it did because, even to my ears, it sounds remarkably authentic. There again, you would expect that with the Wheel, as you would the clear, warm production and those little touches that make a dance track really suck a listener in. Hand on my heart, I couldn't say I totally took to this track, but that's more to do with my own dislikes than anything Big Wheel might be doing wrong. Count in the fact that this was made under deadline and took exactly two days. Have a listen and tell me if you can spot that join. Excellent dance track and let no-one tell you any different.

Highly Recommended House.

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